Director: Shelly Williams

PO Box 1538  Liberty, MO 64069

(816) 429-6218



Since 1994, Satellite High School has offered 9th-12th grade courses for a wide range of students including those who:

  • want to graduate early
  • failed or are failing a subject
  • are short credits to graduate (transfer student, etc.)
  • want a course not offered by their school
  • want to clear room in their schedules to take other courses at their school
  • need to raise their GPA to participate in sports or other school activities
  • are temporarily out of school for medical, family, or disciplinary reasons
  • are teen parents
  • are foreign exchange students
  • are special needs students who need modified curriculum
  • are home-schooled students

How our Program Works

  • courses cost $70 per 0.5 credit, $140 per 1.0 credit
  • there is also a one-time $25 registration fee due only the first time a student enrolls in our program
  • we are open year round and students may order ANY semester of ANY course at ANY time
  • students may complete each course as quickly or slowly as they want to; we do not have minimum or maximum deadlines for completion
  • courses are sent back and forth to the student by post mail; our courses are not online and students do not need a computer or internet access
  • each semester course is comprised of 16 chapters, two midterm exams, and a comprehensive final exam
  • depending on the course, students are either required to complete a homework assignment for each chapter or take an exam over each chapter’s material; all materials are provided including reviews for every exam
  • students choose a counselor, teacher, or administrator at their school to administer their exams; the exams are mailed directly to and from this proctor
  • students decide when they are ready to take each exam and then schedule a time with the proctor they chose
  • students mail back completed assignments and proctors mail back completed exams and our certified teachers do all the grading
  • students may receive help at any time by contacting us by email or phone
  • orders are processed and sent within 7-10 business days
  • grades are processed and sent within 7-10 business days to both the student (by post mail) and the school (by fax) 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

We sincerely hope you’ll find our program incredibly affordable

and useful in helping your students reach graduation!